Cabernet Sauvignon Premium – 2019
Crama Oprisor


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Red wine dry 2019 Romania

Best served with steak or lamb chops.

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Cabernet Sauvignon from the year 2019

Oprisor’s 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon is a stormy yet wise wine that masters the extremes of heat and frost, full of rich, intelligent nuances and a scent of paradise, a true vin de terroir that embodies the heritage and elegance of its Romanian terroir in every sip.

Tasting note

On the nose, the 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon from Oprisor reveals a lively bouquet of ripe red currants and deep sour cherries, caressed by subtle hints of dark chocolate.

On the palate, it is powerful and full-bodied with a pronounced character and a structure that elegantly carries its 14.5% alcohol content, a reflection of its powerful origin and careful vinification.

Fits well with

The Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 from Oprisor unfolds its full splendor alongside hearty dishes such as a juicy steak or spicy lamb chops, whose rich aromas combine perfectly with the powerful notes of the wine.

About the wine

Oprisor’s Cabernet Sauvignon is more than just a wine; it is a narrative of the elements that come together in one drop. He speaks of days when the curse of cold, frost or unbearable heat holds the vineyards firmly in its grip, as well as of those days when the beauty of the place does not allow any sensible person to leave. It is tempestuous and fiery, rich and clever, persuasive and confusing, redolent of a slice of paradise and saturated with the wisdom that gives it its maturity.

The aura of this Cabernet does not keep it from the fame that only a true vin de terroir can achieve. It carries the splendor and prestige of the Oprisor winery, like a ceremonial garment worn on special occasions.

This 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon is a tribute to the dedication and skill required to create a wine of such complexity and depth. It is the result of days spent fighting against the caprices of nature and moments spent celebrating perfect harmony with it.

Each bottle is a promise that with every sip you will enjoy a piece of the Oprisor heritage, captured in the perfection of this wine. It is not only a treat for the senses, but also a lesson in patience and respect for nature and its unpredictable beauty.

Viticulture and winemaking

The 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon from Oprisor is the product of careful winemaking, which begins with choosing the right terroir. In Romania, where the climate is characterized by hot summers and cold winters, the Cabernet Sauvignon vines find ideal conditions to develop to their full potential. The vines are deeply rooted in mineral-rich soils, which lend them complexity and a multi-layered minerality.

The grapes are carefully monitored and harvested at the optimum ripening time to ensure that they have just the right balance between acidity and sweetness. Harvesting is often done manually to preserve the integrity of the fruit and ensure careful selection. After the harvest, the grapes are gently pressed to extract the high-quality juices.

Fermentation takes place under controlled conditions to maximize the aromatic profile and develop the deep, rich aromas that are characteristic of Cabernet Sauvignon. After fermentation, the wine is matured in barrels – a combination of new and used wood can be used to achieve the right balance of oak nuances and fruit without overpowering the character of the wine.

The ageing process in barrels helps the wine to soften its structure and tannins, while at the same time absorbing subtle notes of vanilla and spices from the wood. After the maturation period, the wine is bottled and stored there until it has reached perfect harmony and is released for sale.

This careful and thoughtful winemaking process is reflected in the quality of the Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 – a wine that honors not only the terroir of Oprisor, but also the craftsmanship and tradition of Romanian viticulture.

The wine region

The Oprisor winery is located in the picturesque wine region of Oltenia in south-western Romania, where the mild continental climate and fertile soils provide ideal conditions for growing Cabernet Sauvignon, producing wines of particular intensity and character.

Additional information

Weight 1,2 kg

Sweetness Level








14,5% vol


full of character, full-bodied, Powerful


Chocolate, Red currants, Sour cherries

Passt gut zu

Lamb chops, Steak

Allergen advice

Contains sulfites


750 ml


Carl Reh Winery SRL

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