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Unique Christmas experience with Comudora – Discover Romanian wines at the Christmas market in Markgröningen

Unique Christmas experience with Comudora – Discover Romanian wines in Markgröningen Date: December 02-03, 2023 Location: Schäferweg 44, 71706 Markgröningen Dear wine lovers and culture fans, We are pleased to send you a special invitation to the Romanian Christmas market in Markgröningen. This year, our popular online wine store Comudora will be there to introduce […]

Chardonnay Day 2023: A celebration of exclusivity and savings at Comudora!

Chardonnay Day 2023: A celebration of exclusivity and savings at Comudora! We are ushering in a new tradition: instead of the usual Black Friday, we at Comudora are celebrating Chardonnay Day for a whole week – until 26.11.! 20% discount on all Chardonnays – A rare opportunity! This special week we are offering you an […]

Rumänische Weinreise- Frühlingsweinpaket 4+2 Gratis - Desktop

Aurelia Visinescu – The perfect spring wines for any occasion

Spring is finally here and with it comes warmer temperatures, blooming flowers and a longing for refreshing wines. Aurelia Visinescu, a renowned wine producer, has an exclusive selection of wines that are perfect for this time of year. In this article we present six remarkable wines that will awaken your senses and make your spring […]


Dragobete – rumänischer Wein zum rumänischen Feiertag

Warum ist Dragobete eine besondere Feier? Dragobete ist ein traditioneller rumänischer Feiertag, der am 24. Februar gefeiert wird. Er gilt als das rumänische Pendant zum Valentinstag und ist ein Fest der Liebe und des Frühlings. Der Feiertag hat seine Wurzeln in der alten rumänischen Folklore, in der Dragobete als Herrscher über die Liebe und den […]

I love you!

What is love? Love is a complex and multi-layered feeling that can hardly be put into words. In general, however, it can be described as a strong affection or attachment to a person or thing. Love can be characterized by feelings of warmth, tenderness, compassion, and a deep sense of connection and commitment. The term […]


Die perfekte Valentinstagsüberraschung für Weinliebhaber

Im alten Rom war’s nicht so romantisch… Der Valentinstag hat seine Ursprünge im alten Rom, wo Mitte Februar ein Fest namens Lupercalia gefeiert wurde, um die Fruchtbarkeit und das Kommen des Frühlings zu feiern. Während des Festes opferten die Männer Ziegen und Hunde und peitschten dann die Frauen mit den Häuten der Tiere aus. Man […]

Composite Image Of Santa Claus Riding On Sleigh With Gift Box

Santa Claus reindeer

The saga of Rudolph and the reindeer Many know the story of Rudolph, the reindeer with the red nose. If you need a refresher on the popular Christmas story, you can find it here. A total of nine reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh through the Christmas night:  Dasher,  Dancer,  Prancer,  Vixen,  Comet,  Cupid,  Donner,  Blitzen,  and […]

Black Friday - Chardonnay Day

Black Friday? Chardonnay Day!

Every year it’s that time again! Black Friday is just around the corner! The day of the year, in the U.S. before Thanksgiving, on which most retailers and online retailers focus on discounts. Malicious tongues claim that the prices are raised before the infamous Black Friday to pretend a discount… Such an insinuation is mean! […]