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White wine dry 2022 Romania

Discover the CALOIAN Rhein Riesling 2022: A fresh, exotic mineral wine with notes of grapefruit and ginger, perfectly balanced.

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Caloian - Rhine Riesling - limited edition
Caloian Rhine Riesling 2022 - Winery Oprisor 5,20 

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CALOIAN Rhine Riesling 2022 - Winery Oprisor

The CALOIAN Rhein Riesling 2022 from the Oprisor winery is a mineral-exotic wine with nuances of grapefruit and lime zest, characterized by its pleasantly tart freshness, a balanced body and a slightly spicy finish reminiscent of fresh mango and ginger.

Tasting note

This CALOIAN Rhein Riesling presents itself in an appealing yellow-green hue that signals its freshness and youthfulness as soon as it is poured.

An enchanting bouquet of white cherries and spring flowers unfolds on the nose, opening up an elegant and seductive olfactory dimension.

On the palate, the wine delights with its fresh, invigorating character, accompanied by a slightly spicy note that rounds off the taste experience.

With an alcohol content of 13% vol. it remains pleasantly light and is ideal for enjoyable moments.

Caloian Rhine Riesling 2022 - Winery Oprisor

Fits well with

The CALOIAN Rhein Riesling 2022 is a perfect companion for your Caesar salad and goes perfectly with white fish dishes, wonderfully emphasizing the freshness and lightness of these dishes.

About the wine

Caloian - Rhein Riesling - Limited Edition

Discover the limited edition of our CALOIAN Rhein Riesling from 2022, a masterpiece of freshness and elegance from the Oprisor winery. Characterized by the unique climatic and soil conditions of deep Oltenia, this wine stands for the special features of its region.

In contrast to German Riesling, which is characterized by stormy acidity and intense aromas of acacia blossom and freshly mown grass, our CALOIAN Rhine Riesling offers a fascinating world of flavours. It surprises you with a mineral and exotic profile, underlined by notes of grapefruit and lime zest. The first sip is pleasantly tart and leads you into a world of refreshing freshness.

The body of the CALOIAN Rhine Riesling is balanced, and a slightly spicy note develops on the finish, reminiscent of fresh mango fruit and a hint of ginger. This flavor composition makes it an unforgettable experience, both for wine lovers and occasional connoisseurs.

Whether you want to celebrate a special moment or simply enjoy a relaxing evening – the CALOIAN Rhein Riesling 2022 from the Oprisor winery is your ideal choice for an exquisite wine with an unmistakable character. Experience a piece of Romanian wine culture, captured in every bottle.

Viticulture and winemaking

To produce the CALOIAN Rhein Riesling 2022, everything begins with careful viticulture in the fertile soils of deep Oltenia, a region in Romania known for its ideal climatic conditions for winegrowing. The Riesling grapes are grown here under optimal weather conditions, which promote their characteristic aromas and freshness.

After the harvest, the grapes are carefully pressed to preserve the quality of the juice. The fermentation process takes place under controlled temperatures, which is crucial to preserve the fresh and fruity aromas of the Riesling. This controlled fermentation also helps to find the balance between acidity and sweetness in the wine, which is crucial for the characteristic flavor profile of CALOIAN Rhine Riesling.

After fermentation, the wine is carefully matured with a focus on preserving its natural characteristics while developing its complexity and depth. This process involves careful monitoring and adjustment to ensure that the wine reaches its optimum quality.

The result is a wine that not only reflects the typical characteristics of Riesling, but also the unique features of the Oltenia terroir, making it a special and unmistakable pleasure experience.

Caloian Rhine Riesling 2022 - Winery Oprisor

The wine region

The CALOIAN Rhine Riesling vineyard is located in deep Oltenia in Romania, a region known for its fertile soils and ideal climate, which contribute to the development of the unique aromas and fresh characteristics of this exquisite wine.

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Carl Reh Winery SRL

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Contains: Sulfite

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