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Dracula's wine cellar

A collection of legendary wines

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Welcome to Dracula’s wine cellar, where every bottle from our “Dracula’s Chronicle” collection tells a story.

Discover the“Count Dracula“, who captures power and elegance, the mysterious“Vampire“, the magnificent“Castle” and the fascinating“Blood Wine Rh+” and“Blood Wine Rh-“, which carry the essence of vampiric legends.

These wines are more than just drinks – they are an invitation to immerse yourself in the mystical world of Dracula.

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Dracula'S Wine Cellar: A Collection Of Legendary Wines

In Dracula’s wine cellar you will find our special“Dracula’s Blood Wine” range from Comudora, available in all blood types.

These unique wines embody the essence of the Dracula legend and offer an incomparable taste experience with every blood type – ideal for anyone looking for an extraordinary wine adventure.

Legendary Dracula

In Dracula’s wine cellar, we present the Castellum Dracula wine collection from the Legendary Dracula winery.

These carefully selected wines, inspired by the deep legends of Transylvania, celebrate the mysterious aura that surrounds Dracula.

Each bottle in this exquisite series is a tribute to the unforgettable legacy and mystical history of Dracula – a true celebration for all lovers of fine wine and legendary stories.

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