Bastardo, Saperavi & Rara Neagra de Purcari
Chateau Purcari Freedom Blend


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Weißwein // trocken // 2018 // Moldawien

Servieren Sie den Wein bei 18 – 20 Grad zu rotes Fleisch, Käsehäppchen, Desserts mit dunker Schokolade.


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Bastardo, Saperavi & Rara Neagra de Purcari Chateau Purcari Freedom Blend
Bastardo, Saperavi & Rara Neagra de Purcari
Chateau Purcari Freedom Blend

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Chateau Purcari Winery


Manufacturer’s description: „The expression of the free spirit, a bold cuvée, full of character from three local grape varieties. She has the heart of Georgia, the terroir of Moldova and the free spirit of Ukraine.”

About Purcari

Purcari’s fine wines come from the heart of Moldova. The country has been known for its wine production since the 12th century and this sector is one of the most important economic factors. While the entire region has very favorable climatic conditions for viticulture, there are certain areas that are even more productive and produce particularly aromatic grapes. It is precisely in this special area that the wine village of Purcari and the vineyards of the Agon Zograf monastery lie.

Due to the similar climate and soil conditions as in the world-famous Bordeaux wine region, French settlers began to promote viticulture in the monastery region in the 18th century. A few very successful decades later, it was officially confirmed that the Purcari vineyards are on the same latitude as Bordeaux. The soils of both regions are rich in rubidium, which gives the grapes their rich purple color. The red wines from Purcari and Bordeaux are also similar in intensity and complexity.

In 1827, the Emperor of Russia Nicholas I issued a special decree granting Purcari the status of the first specialized winery in Bessarabia. At that time the wines won their first national gold medal, followed by the first international gold medal in 1878 at the Paris World Expo. At a closed tasting, everyone agreed that the wines had to come from Bordeaux because of their intense colour. The announcement that the wines came from the small Moldovan village caused surprise and astonishment.

For a long time, the Purcari wines were just as well known as those from Bordeaux and Burgundy. Not only the Emperor of Russia enjoyed these wines, but also King George V and Queen Victoria of Great Britain. In Denmark, Holland, Sweden, France, Germany and all over the world they were appreciated for their excellent taste and full-bodied aroma.

After the Second World War, a new era for Purcari began in 1950. The best winemakers reinvented the legendary red wine „Negru de Purcari“ and created a new masterpiece with „Purpuriu de Purcari“.

Around the turn of the century, 250 hectares of vineyards were cultivated and the latest winemaking technologies were implemented. The wines are becoming more and more popular as Moldova’s export hits and have contributed to internationalization since entering the market in over 25 countries (including the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Norway, the Czech Republic, China, Poland and the Baltic countries).

In 2010, the „Alb de Purcari“ selection was introduced for the first time, a new series that has since received numerous awards. In addition, since 2012 Purcari’s portfolio has included ice wine, which is made from frozen berries of the Muscat Ottonel and Traminer grape varieties.

In recognition of outstanding achievements in winemaking and promoting Moldova’s international image, the Moldovan government awarded Purcari the Grand Prix of Winemaking

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Gewicht 1,2 kg




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12-monatige Reifung in französischem Barriquefass


14% vol


5,2 g/L


3,3 g/L

Passt gut zu

rotes Fleisch, Käsehäppchen, Desserts mit dunker Schokolade


18° – 20° C


750 ml


Chateau Purcari


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