Linea Ulisse Selezione Bianco


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Weißwein // trocken // 2020 // Italien

Ergänzt Gerichte mit Krabben oder anderen Meeresfrüchten. Ein spaßbringender Sommerwein!

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Linea Ulisse Selezione Bianco
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White wine from Italy

Linea Ulisse Selezione Bianco

lively, fresh fruit on the nose; unique harmony between the grape varieties opens up the great potential of original white wines from Abruzzo; pleasant acidity in the finish


The two brothers Antonio and Luigi Ulisse continue a legacy they inherited from their grandfather, who planted the first vines here in the early 1900’s to produce wine for local sale.
Today, Tenuta Ulisse’s 55 hectares of vineyards extend around the inland villages of Crecchio and Lanciano and Ortona on the coast. The winery thus has a great mosaic of terroirs, and each grape variety has the optimal site conditions for it. If you want to smell and taste the typical characteristics of the special Abruzzo grape varieties such as Pecorino, Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, you can’t get past Ulisse! The selective manual harvest takes place in 10 kg containers, cooled by dry ice, the grapes reach the winery undamaged. There they are selected again to ensure an absolutely healthy harvest. The grapes for rosé and white wines are cooled down to -5°C within 3 minutes by nitrogen. The cell structure is broken up and the extraction promoted,
Both the labels and the logo (horse) of the winery speak the language of the wines: the horse stands for freedom, for departure, for movement and symbolizes Antonio and Luigi’s drive for innovation. The colorful labels of the ULISSE line were specially designed by the artist Gino Masciarelli for the Ulisse wines and express the explosion of aromas that the wines embody.

Selezione by Ulisse includes special cuvées made from traditional, autochthonous grape varieties from Abruzzo. After the „ice-cold“ success of the iced bottles last year, we are now looking forward to the addition of an Italian classic: a Pinot Grigio. Again, the brothers Antonio and Luigi Ulisse succeed in putting their own stamp (the well-known horse) on such a traditional grape variety. The Pinot Grigio fits seamlessly into the line in terms of its design and style. It convinces with its compact body and its buttery fullness and pleases the palate with mineral as well as floral freshness! The entire line is filled in iced premium bottles to give their enchanting interior another mystical facet – high wine art from Abruzzo.

The ULISSE line from Tenuta Ulisse is particularly characterized by the use of autochthonous grape varieties, which are exclusively made as varietal wines.

The AMARATA line is the premium line from Ulisse. The grape variety Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, grown on a spectacular territory, matures in new French barriques. The wines of this line combine class, noblesse and sensuality.

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Gewicht 1,27 kg
Größe 28 × 7 × 7 cm









13,00% vol


6-8 °C


enthält Sulfite


5,30 g/L


4,20 g/L




IT 66014 Crecchio (CH), TENUTA ULISSE Società agricola a R.L.


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