Premium Pastoral


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Rotwein süß Moldawien

Servieren Sie diesen Wein bei Raumtemperatur zu Pudding, Brei, Pfannkuchen mit Marmelade, Apfel im Schlafrock.

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CRICOVA Premium – Pastoral red wine sweet

The wine is characterized by its intense ruby ​​red color and its rich bouquet with clear accents of violets, almonds and saffron. The taste of the wine is full-bodied, soft and harmonious, with balanced notes of dark chocolate and dark plums.
Serve the wine at room temperature with sweet dishes such as pudding, porridge, pancakes, apple dressing with jam, fruit puree or cream.

About Cricova

The history of the Cricova wine maker began in 1952 in the Republic of Moldova. Today, Cricova is known for its underground, labyrinthine complex and for excellent wines and is rightly considered the pearl of Moldovan wine art. In addition, Cricova is the first Moldavian winery to produce sparkling wines according to the renowned „Méthode Traditionel“ of the famous monk Dom Pierre Perignon.

In terms of quality and variety, Cricova offers a unique offer. The classic sparkling wines in particular amaze with their extravagance and are the flagship of the Cricova Associated Wine Factory.

Cricova has established itself in the market through a passion for innovation and investment in the latest technologies in winemaking. The wine producer is one of the most valuable brands in Moldova and is known beyond the country’s borders. In addition, Cricova was the only company to date to receive the Order of the Republic, the highest state award and was declared a national cultural heritage site.

The winery

The Cricova vineyards cover an area stretching from the heart of Moldova to the south, close to the Codrii Natural Forest Reserve and the Old Orhei Archaeological Complex. Moldova is known for its optimal climatic conditions with mild winters, many sunny days and soils made of very fertile black earth. Cricova grows wine on more than 600 hectares and thus has the largest wine-growing area in the country.

Depending on the specific requirements of the vine, it is grown in the vineyards in southern or central Moldova. In this way, certain climatic conditions and the terroir can be optimally exploited.

The production

Since it was founded, Cricova has benefited from excellent local conditions, which are urgently needed for the production of excellent quality wines: these include the natural conditions (climate, terroir) and the unique storage options. The company is also investing in high-performance equipment and state-of-the-art technologies.

The story of Cricova wines begins in the picturesque vineyards of the heart and south of Moldova. Despite being the largest winery in the country, the grapes are hand-picked and transported in special, weight-limited containers so that they can be processed in the best possible condition.

The secret of Cricova wines lies in the excellent conditions in the underground wine cellars: the average temperature is 10-12°C and the relative humidity is 97-98% all year round. Humidity in particular is an important indicator of the quality of the wines. The higher the relative humidity, the lower the risk of wine loss. Unlike many other wineries, the Cricova wine cellars do not use air conditioning or fans. A very special microclimate naturally prevails there, which is ideal for the production and aging of quality wines.

Zusätzliche Informationen

Gewicht 1,2 kg







16% vol


dunkle Pflaumen, Zartbitterschokolade

Passt gut zu

Apfel im Schlafrock, Brei, Pfannkuchen mit Marmelade, Pudding




enthält Sulfite


750 ml


CRAMELE CRICOVA SRL, MD-2084, 1 Petru Ungureanu Str., Republik Moldawien


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