Domenii Grasa de Cotnari
Weingut Cotnari


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Weißwein süß 2014  Rumänien

Servieren Sie diesen Wein bei 10 – 12°C zu Fisch, Geflügel, Meeresfrüchte, Pasta, Käse, Dessert, als Aperitif.

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Domenii Grasa de Cotnari
Domenii Grasa de Cotnari <br />Weingut Cotnari 10,99 

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The Grasa de Cotnari grape variety is the flagship of the Cotnari vineyards. It is only here in the Moldova region that it develops its special aroma. The resulting wines are unique in the world and are among the best-selling wines in Romania.
Complex and irresistible aromas of dried apricots, honey and raisins are revealed in the glass. The full-bodied taste is dominated by walnuts, sweet raisins and a hint of almonds.
This white wine is an excellent accompaniment to fish, seafood, poultry, selected cheeses, pasta with cream sauce or simply as an aperitif.



About Cotnari

The noble wines from Cotnari stand for the highest enjoyment and offer a perfect taste experience. The grapes come from the Cotnari wine-growing region in the Romanian region of Moldova, which is known across the country’s borders. The wine region in the sunny east and also the largest wine-growing region in Romania is characterized by its picturesque mountain landscapes. Grapes have been grown here for more than 2000 years and Cotnari has a long tradition and extensive knowledge in winemaking.

The special geographic location of Cotnari is an important factor influencing the quality of the wines. The Cotnari vineyards are on the same latitude as the famous French wine region of Champagne and the Hungarian wine region of Tokaj.

The annual harvest averages 12,000 tons, resulting in 7.5 million liters of wine with a protected designation of origin (DOC).

The wine region

True to the motto quality before quantity, the maximum yield per hectare is limited to 70-80%. This is how grapes of the highest quality can ripen in Cotnari.

The sacred wine-growing region, as the story tells it, is the legacy of careful agriculture and passionate viticulture.

An average annual temperature of 9 degrees Celsius, rainfall of 475 mm and strong north-west winds are favorable for the cultivation of grapes and the production of quality wines.

From May to September, the slight cloudiness ensures heat, ripening of the grapes and accumulation of sugar. The fertile soil has a sandy texture and is rich in humus.​

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DOC-CIB – Wein mit geschützter Ursprungsbezeichnung aus edelfaul geernteten Trauben


11,7% vol


getrocknete Aprikosen, Honig, Mandel, Rosinen, Walnuss

Passt gut zu

as an aperitif, Fish, Poultry, Cheese, Seafood, Pasta


10 – 12°C


Contains sulfites


500 ml



S.C. CASA DE VINURI COTNARI S.A., Sat. Carjoaia, Str. Vladoianu nr. 1, Castel Vladoianu


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