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Winery Oprisor

Oprișor’s Wine Estate vineyard offers something that surprises year after year. The 13 grapes varieties cultivated on 252 hectares of vineyards farm constantly maintain their quality. Even so, after each season we find something different and new on each wine produced. An unprecedented hue in color, a hint of unique aroma, a consistency perhaps more seductive, different than in the previous season.

A lot of people ask us why we are located so far away from the metropolitan areas? Why the Oprisor Wine Estate chose that very remote place to be in the extremely southwest of the country, in the heart of Inmost Oltenian hills?

Crama Oprisor - Grape Harvest 2

The answer comes from the very exceptional values that the Oprisor terroir offers. Exploited for hundreds of years without any branding, the viticultural area of southwestern Oltenia is a treasure still undiscovered in its entirety. This is probably where the answer comes from. The geographical place where the Oprisor is located still preserves the pure traditions inherited from history. Oltenians know from father to son that they are blessed with rich, fat and very fertile lands. Every year they noticed that the wine taken out from the Oprisor vineyard is consistent, full of substance, it is expressive.

Maybe you can hardly find in other parts white wines with the intensity of the taste as complex as the white wines from Oprisor. The red varieties show up the color brightness of Oltenia’s warm and sunny summer. The aromas and taste have a long and velvety persistence, precisely perhaps the gift of nature comes with a joy for the winemaker because the juice is dense thus gives the freedom to unleash the human creativity in extracting savoury results year after year.

The Oprișor team settled in these places more than 24 years ago.

Crama Oprisor - Grape Harvest

We implemented new principles of quality all over the key spots of all activities. The replanting 252 hectares with new vineyards was the first goal. We did it along more the 10 years of hard work. At the same time, the investments in new winemaking technology have developed step by step, on the way to get the entirely cellar with cold fermentation capacities.

Crama Oprisor - Map

Quality by all means is the Oprisor Wine Estate’s philosophy. Nothing is more important than ripe and healthy grapes as well as clean wine tanks with slow and gentle fermentation. There is 1,7 mio litters of cold fermentation stainless steel tanks and 900 oak barrels volume for wine aging in the cellar.

Sometimes, the time which winemaker spend near every fermenting process is longer than usual. Nevertheless this kind of harness concern generates original wine tasting profile that is nowhere else detected.

Each wine label of the Oprişor Winery carries the integrated and profound message of the original and authentic values of the place together with the state of creative spirit characterized by all the participation and teamwork of the Oprișor Winery.

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